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Jan-Carol Publishing Inc. (JCP) expanded by acquiring Mountain Girl Press, Little Creek Books, and Express Editions, and RoseHeart Publishing.  In our acquisitions, we expanded our focus and broadened our resources.  Our publishing includes many genres.


Jan-Carol Publishing, INC (JCP) is a progressive small press publisher with a competitive edge and promotional blend of self-publishing and traditional publishing.  JCP is not defined as a vanity publisher. We have a high standard in our selection of our authors, and our end product must represent that level of professionalism. Our desire is to work side by side with our authors from beginning to completion of the publication with assistance and direction, and our authors are an integrate part of the process.


We provide instruction and guidance through the complexities of the publishing landscapes. We have published authors with much success. Many of our authors have published more than one book and some with series of books. Our commitment to our authors and their books does not end once the book is printed.


Books can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Aerbook. E-books can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.


Janie C. Jessee, CEO


Janie has over 35 years in business from startups to acquisitions. She created and grew an Appalachian-regional women’s magazine and expanded the company into a  book publishing company. From public speaking to management, Janie has inspired many to use her grassroots business model to achieve success. Her hobbies include traveling, playing doubles in tennis, and taking a break from work to go flying.

Tara Sizemore, Senior Graphic Designer


Tara holds a Bachelor's degree from East Tennessee State University in Fine Arts, with a concentration of Graphic Design. She began her career as the Design Editor for a community newspaper. In 2008, she became the Senior Graphic Designer for Voice Magazine for Women and Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. She is passionate about communication arts and has 15+ years of design experience.

Savannah Bailey, Director of Communications


Savannah graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a BA in English and a concentration in writing. She spent time in college as a writing and English tutor where she discovered her proclivity for editing and communication. She joined Jan-Carol Publishing just one month after her graduation and is head over heals in-love with her new career. In her free time Savannah is a romance writer, an avid reader, and a lover of DIY projects.

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