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Elementary Readers

The Treasures of Destiny


• Retail Price- $7.95


In a mysterious cave deep in the earth, four very special orphans will discover that they are each destined to create something amazing. With the help of the magical jewels found there, they will each set off on a fantastical journey filled with fun, excitement, danger, and mystery. Journey along with Juni, Monty, Jach and Dax as their adventures lead them to encounter a talking bunny, learn to grow money, paddle around in a river of chocolate and more! Don't miss out on the exciting mystery of discovering what kind of outrageous inventions a journey like this could possibly lead to.

Fletcher's Fables


• Retail Price- $7.95


Each story is told through delightful illustrations of animals capturing a lesson to learn. Fletcher's Fables: Stories with a Lesson Learned" is a great teaching tool for those seeking simple but strong messages in conveying life's lessons. Each story presents easy and meaningful lessons for life's good morals.

Fantasy Stories of the Life Cycles in Nature


• Retail Price- $7.95


Adda Leah (Addie) Davis is a people person and a talented Appalachian author who hopes youlike her work. Delightfully mixed with creativity, much of her work is influenced by her many years of teaching and her Appalachian roots. She loves sharing her many stories and invites you to visit her website at www.goldenharvestcreations.com, or visit her at www.facebook.com/Adda.Leah.Davis.

Holding Pattern


• Retail Price- $9.95


Holding Pattern is a perfect weave of a story when Iris receives an invitation to visit her Great-Aunt Myra on Lookout Mountain, in 1962. She discovers various "holding patterns" through crafts, minerals, and history and with delightful surprise at the end.

Mineral Spirits


• Retail Price- $9.95


Iris has the gift of 'sight' with the help of an enchanted fairy stone. She travels back in time to discover how her ancestors came to possess the stone. Batter up . . . the pitcher throws the ball . . . and we're off with Iris on her adventure. Through the mineral spirits, Iris learns how her fairy stone (staurolite) became a family heirloom. Great Illustrations and enjoyable!

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