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Bad Love Tigers:

The Bad Love Series Book 2



Fresh off their mission to rescue Holocaust victims in 1944 Poland, the Bad Love Gang assemble at the White Hole Project to celebrate New Year's Eve 1975. At the stroke of midnight, they are ambushed by a Russian KGB agent bent on stealing the secrets of the White Hole Project. Faced with telling the authorities or going it alone, the Bad Love Gang travels back in time to meet with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) for his advice and direction. FDR appoints the Bad Love Gang to protect the future integrity and security of not only the White Hole Project, but also America's top-secret Area 51. To accomplish FDR's directives, the Gang must undertake a dangerous road trip across 1945 WWII America from Warm Springs, Georgia to Area 51 in Nevada. Russian, Chinese, and Indian espionage forces stand in their path. Their mission ends in June, 1942 WWII China, where at FDR's mandate, the Bad Love Gang volunteer for the famous AVG Flying Tigers under General Claire Chennault. In the forests of southern China, they must protect the secrets of Area 51 and keep those secrets in America's hands. Can they do it?

The Safety Deposit Box Shock: Your Secrets Will Find You Out


Paperback Retail Price: $16.00


A Sophomore track star falling in love with the Senior campus sweetheart rocked the University of Kansas with scandal. Their love produced a little girl who thought her father was dead. The secret about her father lay deep at the bottom of a safety deposit box. This is a biography—a true story of the life of Paul Bryan Patterson, PhD, and his legacy, written by his daughter. It explores his family's genealogy, his life at the University of Kansas, his married life, his secret, and the tragedies that colored his life.

Three's a Crew


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Each family has its unique foibles and in this wonderfully illustrated book, Three's a Crew, the author shares a family story and how they work together as a family. Written in an easy to read rhyme, the family of two boys became a family with three boys, and this is the beginning of the story.

Where are the Goats?


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00

Hardback Retail Price: $24.95


The author recounts an event with the family as a child in Oklahoma and creates an adventurous journey for the reader. A family looks for a place to live and they find a fix-it farm. The mother, father, and a young boy find a place on a goat farm and it becomes an adventure with the goats as the goats try to burn down the world. Beautifully illustrated.

Mile Markers: A Memoir


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Author Oberg opens the doors to anyone who has ever questioned aspects of their upbringing. The reader will find that Mile Markers is literally one question after another from different points in the author's life. The reader will share her experiences and her desire to "learn beyond" and walk forward towards unexpected horizons. If you have ever questioned family ties rooted in religious teaching, this book is for you. Told with raw emotion, the author's personal story takes you, the reader, through her turmoil to her wellness. Her journey can provide healing, be insight and encourages readers to listen to their "still, small voice".

Women Ready to Rise


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Women Ready to Rise is empowering, thoughtful, and inspiring as twenty-two women share their secrets, stories, and survival voices. All women share their experiences, with each being so different but at the same time, there is a common thread that ties them all together. Their voices will resonate with all women. From suicidal thoughts, depression, extreme anxiety, social anxiety to acceptance of who they are, every reader will walk alongside these women and feel their contagious triumph and power.

Rich Girl


Paperback Retail Price: $17.95


Kathy is a small-town girl in the 1980s who is desperately seeking to escape her dismal life. As she comes of age, she learns that escaping one set of problems only leads to new ones. Her journey to discovering herself takes her down an unlikely path that will keep you laughing and cheering for her along the way.

Secrets in Paris


Paperback Retail Price: $16.99


Marcia had to learn how to survive. To do so, she was introduced to the life of the escort service. After escaping that line of work, she decides to spend a year in Paris to rebuild her life. She meets Stephane, an heir to a wealthy family fortune and falls in love with him, but to her horror, she discovers that Stephane's sister, Etienne, is engaged to marry Mason, a former dysfunctional client. Will he expose her past life? Or should she confess to Stephane and chance losing him to protect Etienne? Does all come to a crashing end?

Greezy Creek


Paperback Retail Price: $29.95


Kentucky's Appalachian Highlands (circa. 1930's) is a world where habits and customs often bewilder: where the ties of kinship and ancestry hold to unswerving lines, where moonshiners leave incipient trails and the strains of hard times too often coalesce into the empty-eyed face of hardscrabble. It's where Bobby Yonts and Rubin Cain (as good as brothers) come of age and test the limits of things new and out of bounds. But it's the odious hand of cruelty that underscores the unraveling of their naivety and binds them to the unwritten code of the mountains, one which guarantees you're going to get what's coming to you. A first-person narrative, Greezy Creek tells of an Appalachia honed by the unacquainted ways of the Scot-Irish hybrids cloistered in its deepest regions. The story follows two childhood friends, Bobby Yonts and Rubin Cain, as they learn and grow into adulthood. Character-driven with rich historical insights, Greezy Creek takes readers behind the veil of a family known for its fierce ingrained independence; a family bound by self-determination and all that's necessary to survive. Yet, even from their bittersweet and ill-famed existence comes the imprint of their wit and wisdom, the uniqueness of their wilderness ways, and what it means to be bound by blood.

Sweet Sofie Sue and

Her Backyard Adventures


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Meet the real Sweet Sofie Sue! She seeks adventure, love, and acceptance. She wants to fit in with her friends, but Sofie learns a very valuable lesson in her adventures. This story captures the reader with delightful illustrations and Christian themed principles that we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made, and for us to accept ourselves, as well as others, as God's beautiful creations.

Sophie & the Bookmobile


Paperback Retail Price: $12.00

Hardback Retail Price: $24.95


When Sophie's family moves from New York City to West Virginia, she not only has to leave her friends and the city and library she loves so much, but she has to figure out what will happen when she discovers that there is no library in her new town. But when she discovers something called a bookmobile and other new treasures, all is right with the world.

The Best Doctor in Town:

A Tall Tale From the Hills


Paperback Retail Price: $19.95


Set in Southwest Virginia and inspired by actual events and the story of the small town's most revered doctor, who may just be a serial killer. A local police officer with a tarnished reputation, a reporter who manipulated facts, and the doctor's chief intern, who may be a thief, have pieces of the puzzle. Yet no one in authority believes the great doctor could be responsible. All the while, patients are dying.

Welcome Back, Class of '65


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


The Class of '65 is coming home to Masonville High for their fifty-year reunion, the first since they graduated. A lot of changes can take place in fifty years. Thank God for name tags! Now if they can just read them without squinting! Everyone is anxious to see how their classmates turned out. They can't wait to see their Most Athletic hunk and the brainy Most Intellectual. Wonder if any of their teachers are still living? Some have secrets, and they want to keep it that way...but you know about secrets. They just have a way of slipping out, especially in a small town

Reflections on Faith, Hope, and the World Around Us:

Purposeful Poems and Short Stories


Paperback Retail Price: $20.00


These stories and poems were written over a period of several years. The author shares his feelings and ideas in written form, to help to develop and solidify the readers' worldview. The author shows how most of the decisions you will make on a day-to-day basis will depend on that worldview. The author, with the help of his family, his wife, his friends, and, most of all, his God, he has developed a worldview based upon faith, belief in a loving and merciful God, and belief in my savior, Jesus Christ. The author's hope is that by sharing these writings with others, they, too, may be convinced in the truth of the gospel and in the love and mercy of God.

Reflections on Childhood:

Thought-Provoking Poems and Short Stories


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


The purpose of these poems and stories is to preserve the memories of different adventures and interactions the author experienced as a child, with children, and in his family. The author expanded from his poems to include some of his childhood memories through short stories. Through his sharing of these stories, the reader will experience feelings of the carefree days of childhood and reminisce the joys and the hopes of childhood.

Writing Prompts

A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by Imagination


Paperback Retail Price: $12.00


This book is the result of friendly competition among Jan-Carol Publishing authors. Each flash fiction, or in some cases non-fiction, entry was selected after a brief contest in which authors answered a prompt. The prompts are included in the pages that follow, along with the name of the author for each winning piece.


A Book of Children's Original Story Poems


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00

Hardback Retail Price: $29.95


This Book of Poems was designed to help promote a child's ability to read and to help them understand how reading can be fun and engaging. This book is colorful with engaging illustrations to each from ABC's to understanding counting and opposites.


The Antithesis Killer


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Carla al-Hassan thought she had escaped. After years of working as a hired killer for a domestic terrorist organization to pay for her grandfather’s medical bills, she went into the darkness one more time to disappear. However, Carla could not escape the world of violence forever.

Snowy Trails:

A Collection of Short Stories


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


With each story set in the Appalachian region, Snowy Trails: A Short Story Collection presents a strong sense of place and belonging. Noted authors contributed stories capturing trials, tribulations, and triumphs, each one sprinkled with a gamut of emotions. In Snowy Trails, readers will be immersed in the varietal settings and characters, and will share the feelings of heartache in challenges and the joys of survival.

Bad Love Strikes


Paperback Retail Price: $19.95

Hardback Retail Price: $35.95


In October 1939, Albert Einstein warns President Franklin D. Roosevelt that Nazi Germany is actively pursuing an atomic bomb and urges him to make sure that the United States develops the bomb first. Roosevelt heeds the warning and launches the "Manhattan Project" in June 1942. In October 1942, Roosevelt tells Einstein that prudence calls for the U.S. to have a back-up plan to the Manhattan Project in case Hitler gets the bomb first. Roosevelt commissions Einstein to secretly construct a usable time travel machine code-named the "White Hole Project." In June 1974, an adventurous group of teenage friends, who call themselves the "Bad Love Gang," discover a tunnel leading to the White Hole Project. They learn how to use the time machine and become the first known humans to travel back in time and return. Their mission is to save Jews and Gypsies from the Holocaust in November 1944 by using a U.S. Air Force B-17 bomber that was known as "The Phantom Fortress."



Things That Women Do


Paperback Retail Price: $18.95


After Anna Shields receives an invitation from her estranged Aunt Lydia, she flies to Tennessee to find a number of older women-Tasha, Sadie, and Chloe-also living on Lydia's farm. Losing power during a blizzard, the women share dark and startling secrets. Skating between past and present, they reveal frighteningly desperate things that they have done. Anna begins to realize, to her shock, that these things are connected to her own past and become key to her future.



Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and the Birthday Drone


Paperback Retail Price: $11.50


What animal can hold a child's attention better than a mischievous, cunning penguin?! Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, is such a penguin. Despite her small size, she can be an example to children. Size is an obstacle only if you let it be. Penguins are some of the most entertaining animals on the planet! Come and join Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, as she celebrates with family and friends at her birthday party, as she explores new adventures with her birthday drone, and as she uses her drone to help find her lost friend.

Cooling Stress Tips


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00

Hardback Retail Price: $29.95


This self-help guide to reducing stress covers 12 major areas of life. Easy-to-implement strategies help the reader take charge of time, money, relationships, self-care, and more. This commonsense guide to lifestyle changes is enhanced by scenarios of how others cooled their stress with simple, positive steps.

Tell Me a Story

Appalachian Tales


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Tell Me a Story is a collection of short stories of family and friends. Memories of wives-tales, haints, and mom being the family physician will leave you laughing and reminiscing of days long ago. The book also includes the story "Annie" about a young mountain girl moving to town, finding friendship and danger.

Gracie Goodbye
Hope House Girls Series
Book Four


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


After a gang rape leaves Missy pregnant, she leaves her home in West Virginia for a maternity home in Ohio. While in the maternity home, she makes forever friends, develops her singing voice, and watches as her beloved brother falls in love with her best friend. In order to avoid the stigma of her conception, Missy decides to put her child up for adoption. Now an adult, she must overcome the rape that haunts her while trying to navigate a love life of her own.

Betsy Blossom Brown


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Betsy Blossom Brown is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who journeys from being an observer of life to a participant. Her seemingly idyllic life with her privileged South Carolina family is turned upside down, revealing truths and disarming pretensions.  She’s independent, opinionated, and brave. Uncertainty enters her life when she and her mother move to the Appalachian region until, through a series of unsettling events, she sheds her uncertainty and learns to embrace life.  The graphite illustrations help to understand the depth of Betsy Blossom Brown, as she sketches her way through life recognizing her mild Asperger syndrome, without letting it curb her appetite for life.

The Origin Society: They: Book 1


Paperback Retail Price: $12.75


Jess and Jace Grisham wake alone on the first day of Spring Break. That’s not unusual. Their father, Rick, is a conspiracy theorist determined to find “proof” that aliens have visited Earth and the government is covering it up. The twins realize their father may have stumbled into   something real this time when a Special Ops team crashes into their house through every door and window. Narrowly escaping through a hidden basement tunnel they never knew existed, Jess and Jace set off on a harrowing adventure to rescue their father. Along the way, they find out Rick was right all along. Humans are not alone in the universe. They are coming! Be aware! Be prepared!

Flyin’ Floyd: The Unvarnished Biography of an American Dirt Racing Legend


Paperback Retail Price: $19.95


Flyin' Floyd" Gilbert was a blue-collar hero from the golden age of dirt racing. Hailed as an "icon of dirt track racing" during his induction into the National Dirt Late Model Hall of Fame, Gilbert earned some 500 feature race victories and 16 track championships during a 30-year career, all while racing door to door against other legendary drivers on rugged ovals across Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and the deep south.

Grandpa, Is that You?


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


Beautifully Illustrated children's book to help those, both young and old, understand and hold on to hope as they watch a loved one slip away due to Alzheimer’s Disease. Wonderfully written about a sad and sensitive subject.

How Shadow Found the Light


Paperback Retail Price: $12.00


Written and illustrated by a high school student, Author Rae Elizabeth Parsons bring this inspirational story to life with her illustrations. It is about a sad crow who feels as though he lacks the beauty his colorful friends have. He later learns to feel comfortable in his own feathers after a short visit from the most beautiful bird in his tree.

Her Beauty Burns


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Katelyn had fierce confidence and high standards at a young age. She relished in rejecting admirers...until the tables turned. While reinventing herself in University, she's swept up in a scorching romance that consumes her. He warms his way into her heart before slowly picking it apart. Once her confidence goes up in flames, he has the power to set her whole world on fire. Will Katelyn survive her beauty burning?

The Wisdom Collector Journal


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


The Wisdom Collector Journal was created specifically to help you write your own quotes and to collect those that inspire you and stimulate your imagination so you never forget them. I could have easily created an app for you to enter your favorite quote, but unfortunately, it would not have been the same, for you remember the things you write down with your hand better than the things you type in the computer or any smart device. I want to encourage you to become a wisdom seeker, to carry this journal with you anywhere you go, and to share the wisdom you obtain with others so they may benefit from it. Like Jim Rohn said, "Be a collector of good ideas. Keep a journal. If you hear a good idea, capture it, write it down. Don't trust your memory."

Cocoa the Basset Hound


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


A delightful fun story of a little girl and her beloved Basset Hound brought to life by charming illustrations. Beautifully illustrated and any child will love this adventurous story of a Basset hound dog and growing up in a dog loving family.

To Survive Divinity


Paperback Retail Price: $24.95


Seven hundred years after The Cataclysm, gods walk the earth and all the old religions have been banned. Every year, six women are given as Offerings to the gods of War and Death. Those who complete the Disciplines are made Brides for the god to whom they were offered. Those who do not are forever forgotten. Being Chosen is the honor of a lifetime, but for fiery Kaija, a non-believer, it is a prison sentence. Letting go of her old life as a free woman is difficult, and Kaija's feisty spirit might get her into trouble. It will definitely get her noticed. Carrying with her an illegal copy of a Holy Book, Kaija is on a mission to both survive and keep her faith in the face of very real, manifest gods. If she fails, she disappears forever. If she succeeds, however, it might just change the world. Does Kaija have what it takes to survive divinity?

The Purple Bird


Paperback Retail Price: $21.95


No matter how long he has yearned to escape his boring life as an ordinary teenager, nothing can prepare James Shannassy for the afternoon when he meets a figment bird called Archit and the two of them set off for the world of Nalgordia to break a centuries-old curse. Being the hero of his own fantasy adventure isn't exactly what James expected it to be, but when he finds himself caught up in an epic fight against a force of evil, he knows he might be the only one able to stop it. Archit's fate now rests entirely in his hands...and there's no turning back now!

The Everlasting Snowman


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Author Hunter Darden enlightens children with a 'real' life story in the children's book, The Everlasting Snowman. Through beautiful illustrations, Hunter simplifies how in life there is a beginning, an ending, and a renewal of living. What a treasure for parents wishing to demonstrate to their children that living goes on after a loss in our lives. Colorful, joyful, and positive!



Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Author Hunter Darden explains the grieving process through her main character, Olivia. The story becomes the true roller coaster ride to healing...and the challenges one confronts when feeling that black cloud of hopelessness that covers in its thick, heavy blanket. The story allows you to feel the pain, to become one with it, then takes you on the road to healing. Tapestry will live forever in the hearts of readers. It will comfort every person who deals with loss. It will allow the reader to grieve and still feel safe.

A Little Black Cat's

Big Adventure


Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


A fun story that is based on the actual lives of two cats and how they saved themselves and their babies. This is a true story and is brought to life through beautiful illustrations! A delight to read.

Collin's Chicken Adventures on the Farm: A Children's Learning Guide to Raising Chickens


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


A youngster named Collin Ball loves living on a farm. He finds that there is so much to do and learn. In his book, Collin's Chicken Adventures on the Farm, he shares his farm adventures with the readers with factual information, educational insights and detailed photos. From the first experience of his parents agreeing to let him raise a few chickens in the backyard, Collin wanted to teach others about raising chickens. The book is written for a child's comprehensive and is presented as a learning guide with questions in the back for teaching purposes for classroom assignments. Collin's Chicken Adventures on the Farm is packed full of interesting and fun facts about Collin's feathered friends. Descriptive, educational, factual, and a delightful read for both children and adults.

Coral's First Sleepover


Paperback Retail Price: $15.95


Off the rocky coast of Maine lived a mermaid named Coral. Coral was like most mermaids her age. She liked going to school, had many friends, and was fun to be around.The only thing that made her different was she still had her baby blanket she'd had since she was born. Her special blanket was white with little red lobsters on it, that she named Lobbie. It reminded her of the special place she lived: Maine! Only her family knew that she still slept with her blanket, Lobbie. She was so attached to it, as she'd had it her entire life. She could always count on it to make a bad day better and comfort her when she'd had a bad dream. It was also nice to have when she was sick and needed extra love and care. One day, she got invited to her first overnight party for her friend Shelly's birthday. Coral wasn't sure if she should take Lobbie to the slumber party. What would her friends think if they found out that she still had her baby blanket? Would they make fun of her? Coral wanted to take her blanket with her. She had never been without it. What would she do?

Molly and the Shadows of Time


Paperback Retail Price: $15.95


Molly has just moved to a new city with her family. She knows no one and is very lonely. That changes when she meets Spirit, the friendly spirit who lives on the roof of her house. Wonderfully illustrated this story is a tale of love and compassion within the realms of two dimensions. As much as Tom and Tara fear for their daughter's well-being, Molly knows that the world of shadows and those who live there seek nothing more than to fill the world with a sense of purpose and well-being. But will Spirit ever return, and will Molly's life ever be the same again?

Soaring Passion in Eagle Hills


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Recently widowed, Lily Roberts leaves her Appalachian hometown seeking serenity in the Carolina coastal town of Eagle Hills. Instead, she stumbles into a world of intrigue, murder, and passion. Lily's encounter on the beach with a mysterious stranger arouses an unquenchable thirst. Will she satisfy her desires or fall victim to a secret political agenda? This fiction story is a fascinating tale of romance, murder, and mystery. Surprise twists and turns are woven with passionate love scenes, scandalous secrets, and an ending that's sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Return to Walkers' Mountain:

Madison McKenzie Files


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Return to Walkers' Mountain is a work of fiction, however, the Walker's story is true. Bev Freeman remembers the story since she was only 12 years old. She never knew the outcome of the man who murdered the family. The fiction story is centered with actual events, but develops into fiction with the main character, Madison, and how she goes on her own to solve the mystery.

Growing Up and Going Back


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Jennifer Johnson left her southern roots behind after college to start over in New York City. Now just shy of turning twenty-nine, Jennifer is let go from her job as a public relations manager and returns to her hometown of Edmonds, Virginia for the summer. Jennifer makes a deal with herself; she will continue freelancing while applying for jobs, and when the summer is up go back to New York City and start a new job there. While flying back to her hometown, Jennifer is seated next to an old friend from high school, Aaron Scott. He doesn't recognize her at first- or so she thinks- as she's changed since their junior year, in more ways than just her physical appearance. Jennifer must learn to readjust to living life under her parents' roof with her younger sister while beginning a new summer job in the most surprising of places.

Death Watch


Paperback Retail Price: $13.95


Macy Merit uncovers evidence that points to the murder of a senator's husband. While working diligently to find the killer, she stumbles upon a plot to develop a biological weapon to be used against civilians, not by a terrorist group, but by high-level officials within our own government. As the clues unfold, and the body count rises, Macy discovers the connection between the biological experiments, and a plan that takes her direct to the White House.

The Ruby Earring


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Accused of murdering his wife, bank executive Josh Stephens hires ace defense attorney Adam Drake. With the help of Macy Merit and Spencer Rawlings, it's a race against time and the judicial system, as Macy, Spence, and Drake navigate their way through a maze of evidence, witnesses, and unsuspected twists and turns on a mission to free their client.



Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Carla al-Hassan lives in two worlds. In one, she is known as a mild-mannered young woman who dropped out of college to work full time to pay for her grandfather's medical bills. In the other, she is a professional killer who does the will of a mysterious domestic terrorist group called the Cicero Organization. For years, Carla has maintained this delicate balance. But a jealous act of betrayal and an investigation by a determined lawyer threaten her balance...and her life.

Earth's Future: Red Alert


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Today humanity faced extinction. The earth started gasping for oxygen. A horrified earthling called 911. Brian Diamond leaped through a high security lab window. The medicine for planet Earth had been stolen by an unsuspecting Chinese Agent. Diamond's anti-gravity vehicle cut through the air like lightning as he roared down the road in the fastest jet-propelled land rover in the US arsenal, determined to complete his mission.

The Puppeteer of Objects:

A Lyrical Poem


Paperback Retail Price: $10.00


THE PUPPETEER OF OBJECTS: A Lyrical Poem asks the question, "What might objects see in us as they set their gaze?" rather than what might we see in them. Through the exploration of twelve seemingly inanimate objects, the reader is invited to peel back their intricate layers to reveal the voice behind these mute, yet ever-faithful friends. And, in the process, pretensions are dropped and reality finds its way into even the most remote places.

Thomson's Pulp Mill: Building the Champion Fibre Company at Canton, North Carolina: 1905 to 1908


Paperback Retail Price: $29.95


This is a story of Peter Gibson Thomson's pulp mill. Rough extensive research, the author has gathered information from a wide variety of sources, including scattered mill documents, drawings and letters, old journals and photographs, memoirs, and interviews with former and current employees and their families. In this book, Thomson's Pulp Mill, readers are presented with the intriguing story of the Champion Fibre Company's original construction, and treated with approximately one hundred contemporaneous photos illustrating in magnificent detail the construction of Thomson's massive brick buildings beside the Pigeon River. Peter G.Thomson came to the western North Carolina mountains more than a hundred years ago in search of a proper site to build his mammoth pulp mill. This book contains the story of the building of the Champion Fibre Company at Canton, North Carolina between 1905 and 1908. Also included are many old construction photographs that illustrate the immense effort that took place on the bank of the Pigeon River.



Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Wind, waves--and a broken boat oar--force four teenagers from the suburbs into a saltwater swamp. There, they struggle to survive while constantly getting sidetracked in conversation. This comical adventure also becomes a fiery debate between two types of teens: ones who dream to make a difference and those who never dare to be different.


"Swamped!" is a story of ending up in a difficult situation and learning to deal with people you may not know very well. It's a hiking tale, too, and loaded with dialogue. It also a first-person account by a character called "Apple Jelly" -- a 16-year-old who comes of age as the plot thickens and the story unfolds.

Moon Over Knoxville


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Marwin Gelstone, a divorced pharmacist with a unique practice, tries to get through the daily grind of pharmacy while simultaneously trying to understand his adolescent children. His life takes a drastic turn when his partner's wife commits suicide. Madeline Montgomery is a well-known socialite in the Knoxville community who abruptly ends the life that so many have longed for. The senseless nature of her suicide leads Marwin to search for an answer to the age-old question of why a person takes their own life. As he explores Marwin becomes entrenched in a twisted plot that could cost him everything, including his life.

The Voice


Paperback Retail Price: $16.95


Roger, a poet, is controlled by a Voice. He runs away from his family and friends, and is now homeless. Disheveled, injured, and brought to the ER, Roger is discovered by Cathy, his high school sweetheart, whom is now married and a nurse. Tiffany, Cathy's younger sister, has a melodious voice that helps to wrest the Voice's grip on Roger's mind. Along the way Roger keeps describing his tribulations in vivid poems.

How the Dog Saved the Squirrel from the Hawk


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Sam, the red squirrel with the screwy tail, caused trouble for the German Shepherd and the woman who lived in the old Dutch Colonial. Trouble began with the bird food scattered on the ground, bird feeder, and suet that hung from the shepherd's hook in the fenced in backyard.

Snooping Can Be Scary


Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Ghosts and a haunted house are the enticements that pull Emily and her friend, Tim Riley, into the dilemma of being held hostage along with two of the local legal authorities who felt it necessary to search for the teenagers. Lindsay, Ellen, Ryan, Jed, and Marnie look for the truth and the kids.

Making Raisins Dance


Paperback Retail Price: $15.00


Making Raisins Dance is a well written, very descriptive dedication to making a difference in the inner city, troubled kids of L.A. by a former student and teacher, who takes pride in her chosen profession. This story is a recollection of good times and bad, of promises made and broken, and of giving one's all to make a difference. Hoping for miracles does not make them happen, but helping a miracle come within one's grasp might make the difference necessary to influence a child's future. A touching story.

Go for the Honey


Paperback Retail Price: $14.95


Cathy is abused by unloving and uncaring parents and is used by the pimps who say they are offering her a path to the college education she dreams of completing. She is only fifteen, so she doesn't understand that all those people are trying to use her until she is raped, beaten, and left for dead. The story and the Hope House Girl Series contains messages of making wrong decisions or road blocks thrown in lives, but the true message establishes strength in Christian values and faith.

Wild Daisies: An Appalachian-Inspired Short Story Collection


Paperback Retail Price: $10.95


Wild daisies adorn the landscape in beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors. Much like wild daisies gracing a hillside, their characteristics reflect one's life journey with their responsiveness to the environment, growth and change, and the ability to carry on year after year. Wild Daisies is a collection of short stories which capture the essence of the flowers; surviving and carrying on with beauty and grace.

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